Business Valuation & Financial Modeling Workshop

Business Valuation & Financial Modeling Workshop

This intensive Business Valuations training would provide comprehensive knowledge on business valuation techniques and enable the participant to build robust financial models, conduct business valuation and make effective strategic and investment decisions. This interactive online course would be highly value adding for finance, investment research and MIS professionals, and investors and students who would like to gain in-depth knowledge in business valuation.

This program combines ACCA’s Certificate in Business Valuation curriculum with analytical techniques and practical sessions to offer both theoretical knowledge and application skills. Upon successful completion of the course, participants who registered for Certificate from ACCA option, will receive Certificate in Business Valuations directly from ACCA.

Optionally, at the end of course completion, participants would have the opportunity to build a full-fledged financial model and conduct business valuation under our guidance (additional charges apply for this course feature). This will simulate the real-world situation of a Wall Street analyst and would be a great opportunity to practically apply the knowledge gained in the program and receive a certificate with a grade based on our assessment criteria. Modelling assignment must be completed within a month of completing the program. Assistance will be provided throughout the 1-month period.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the different contexts of business valuation, and the considerations which need to be made before undertaking a valuation
  • Comprehensive knowledge on business valuation techniques
  • Overcome key challenges in conducting business valuation
  • Selection and application of different valuation techniques appropriate for each scenario
  • Practice how to successfully apply business valuation techniques in a practical context
  • Improve analytical and strategic decision-making skills related to business valuation

Program Contents

  • Context of valuation
  • Strategic analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Methods of valuation
  • Discounted CF based valuation
  • Multiple based valuations
  • Asset based valuation
  • Choice of valuation methods in context
  • Key challenges in business valuation
  • Financial modelling and forecasting
  • Best practices in valuation
  • Common valuation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • M&A case studies
  • Practical assignments

Program Benefits

  • Knowledge
  • Application
  • Certification
  • Recognition
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and competencies to employers and prospective employers
  • Be awarded with 30 hours of qualifying CPD to meet requirements of respective professional associations
  • Understand practical application of business valuation and overcome challenges
  • Enhance your analytical skills and your ability to make sound strategic decisions
  • Receive Certificate in Business Valuations directly from ACCA upon successful completion of the course
  • Receive certificate of participation from Universal Mind Mapper

Program Audience


Program Delivery

Live coaching

  • Interactive seminar based on open discussion, Q&A
  • Case studies and real-life examples
  • Practical exercises on conducting business valuation

Exclusive access to Universal Mind Mapper Learning Management System

  • Program handouts
  • Recorded archives of completed live classes
  • Mock assessment & results


  • 15 Days x 2 hours
  • Total learning of 30 hours
  • Flexible week-end classes


  • Online live classes through our Learning Management System

Program Features

Features Workshop Only Workshop + Certificate
30 Hours of Comprehensive Online Coaching
30 CPD Hours
Course Material from UMM
Practical Exercises on Business Valuation
Case Studies and Real-Life Examples
Practice Questions & Mock Exam
Recorded Archives of Completed Live Classes
LMS Access
Opportunity to Build a Financial Model and Under Guidance (optional - additional charges apply)
Course Material and Assignments from ACCA
Certificate in Business Valuations from ACCA - UK

Program Feedback

Program Trainer

Umasudhan Subramaniam

UMASUDHAN SUBRAMANIAM is a seasoned management consultant and corporate trainer with vast experience in training professionals in all areas of Strategy, Finance, and Risk Management.

Umasudhan has worked in the commercial sector over the last 20+ years in various industries such as commercial banking, investment banking (equities), manufacturing, trade, advisory services & audit. He held various senior management positions within the commercial spectrum.

Umasudhan was part of the Exam Development Team of FRM Examinations held by GARP – USA. He was also part of the CFA Institute’s (USA) Education Advisory Board working body. He is an approved mentor for Oxford Brookes University’s (UK) BSc in applied accounting degree program.

Umasudhan is a CFA charter holder, a certified FRM, a fellow member of ACCA-UK, an associate member of CIMA-UK, a fully qualified CPA-Australia and holds a master’s degree in professional accountancy from the University of London/ University College London.

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