• ‘Practical aspect was well covered. I expect to continue in future programs as well’

    Ignatius Shehan Alwaris
  • ‘Contents were explained in detail with examples. Highly satisfied with the trainer’s approach’

    Kadootkajan Navaratnam
  • ‘It was a good learning experience in online platform to refresh our knowledge around IFRS and its practical application’

    Rousan Mohamed Meerasa
  • ‘This workshop was enriching and insightful. Real value for money. Therefore, I thought to make a comment as it will greatly help the potential learners who look for a right door to knock. Also, more importantly trainer is well deserved for an appreciation for the following key reasons.

    • Presentations were crystal clear.
    • Comprehensive slide notes with appropriate visual images.
    • Shared the materials well in advance.
    • Real business case examples.
    • Good illustrations.
    • Contents were easier to follow.
    • Delivered more than what was initially promised.
    • Shared session’s recordings, which will assist participants to study offline according to their own convenience.
    • Well defined answers for raised questions.
    • Highly committed and passion to share expert knowledge.
    • Good presenter, teacher, mentor, and coach.

    Thank you very much for your incredible workshop and look forward to enrolling for a similar program in the near future. What is more, I will strongly recommend anyone who would like to become an expert in IFRS to contact Universal Mind Mapper. Wishing you all the very best’

    Sivaraj Murugiah
  • ‘This workshop helped me expand my existing knowledge and practical application of IFRS to a great extent. The presentations covered all the IFRS in a concise and an effective manner which helped me grasp the most important aspects very easily. Since many professionals from diverse backgrounds joined this workshop, I was also able to enhance my knowledge from their contributions to the subject matter and understand how different industries function. This workshop was an effective learning opportunity for me. Thank you very much for organising high quality workshops of this nature!’

    Vinuri Yasara Seneviratne
  • ‘The course was well structured & input from participants greatly improved the overall quality, especially in understanding applicability in different scenarios’

    Cynthia Paul
  • ‘The workshop was very interactive and useful’

    Zulfi Ahamed
  • ‘Highly satisfied about the time spend despite 4 consecutive weekends and looking forward for many more educational programs which would enhance the knowledge of desired accounting professionals’

    SGM Prasanna Indrajith
  • ‘I believe it was very well organized and easy to follow. All materials were provided well in advance. All recordings were provided on time without any delay. Umasudhan is a fantastic presenter of facts. Job well done!’

    Rumil Wickramaratne
  • ‘Overall experience exceeds the expectation I had before enrolling. Within a short span of time was able to grab the knowledge for a lifetime. Thanks a lot!’

    Chrishani Gunarathne
  • ‘Experience was good. Examples were practical and will be really helpful in the future during the day-to-day work’

    Iyad Saajid
  • ‘Provides useful insights on Key aspects of IFRSs’

    MS. P G S Miyurangi
  • ‘We are very much thankful to ACCA and Universal Mind Mapper for an excellent workshop. Presenter is too good. Remarkable presentation skills with full of knowledge and experience’

    V. Kamaleshwaran
  • ‘Awesome program, looking forward to more such programs by Umasudhan’

    Jonathan Jebakumar Arnold
  • ‘Excellent and well delivered workshop. I would like to note the close attention Mr.Umasudhan kept during the sessions. Look forward for more sessions like this’

    Mohamed Maadhin Latheef
  • ‘My plan was to enhance my IFRS knowledge and covers many IFRSs not covered in day-to-day scenarios. It has been successfully achieved throughout the course’

    Liyanage Nanayakkara