Standard Training

Our standard training programs combine our internal knowledge and competencies of our in-house team of educators with the body of knowledge of the certification programs offered by professional bodies.

Currently we offer IFRS workshop, Business Valuation & Financial Modeling Workshop and Enterprise Risk Management Workshop to professionals around the globe.

We offer these workshops at an affordable price for finance professionals.  Enrolling into these programs offer professionals an opportunity to stay in top form on emerging finance related topics such as IFRS, business valuation and risk management.  In addition to providing the conceptual knowledge and insights on practical application, some of these programs offer preparatory support for ACCA’s e-qualification assessments.

These programs are suitable for anyone working in different areas of finance and risk management.

Individuals can enrol themselves for any of the above programs or corporates can register on behalf of their employees. These programs are conducted online using our Learning Management System every quarter of the year.

Standard Programs We Offer

  • IFRS Workshop
    • 30 Hours of live online coaching
    • Interactive discussions, illustrations and case studies
    • Deep knowledge on key IASs and IFRSs
    • Practical application of standards
    • Grab a certificate in IFRS directly from ACCA – UK
    • Verifiable CPD hours
  • Business Valuation & Financial Modeling Workshop
    • 30 Hours of live online coaching
    • Comprehensive knowledge on business valuation techniques
    • Selection and application of different valuation techniques appropriate for each scenario
    • Practice how to successfully apply business valuation techniques in a practical context
    • Grab a certificate in Business Valuation directly from ACCA – UK
    • Verifiable CPD hours
  • Risk Management Workshop
    • 30 Hours of live online coaching
    • Acquire sound knowledge on risk management and regulations
    • Understand different types of risks
    • Learn techniques to identify, assess, manage and monitor risks
    • Understand the role of a financial risk manager in practice
    • Preparatory course for GARP’s Foundations of Financial Risk (FFR®) exam
    • 30 Hours CPD confirmation

How Do We Create Value?

  • Certificates from ACCA -UK

    In addition to providing an in-depth knowledge and practical application of the topic area, these workshops also prepare professionals towards ACCA e-qualification assessments to obtain certificate from ACCA -UK.

  • Interactive Live Classes

    Highly interactive online live classes through our dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) to offer best learning experience for candidates.

  • Learning Management System

    Our LMS also offers participants an opportunity to learn at their own convenience as course materials including recorded live classes are available to watch on-demand on the same day the live class is completed .

  • Ongoing Study Support

    Our expert trainers are available around the clock to clarify any questions that you may have for the course that you have registered for.

  • Updated and Relevant Content

    We work with employers and recognized professional associations to ensure that our course remains relevant to the changing demand of employers.

  • Think Beyond Numbers

    We strive to make sure that Finance professionals think beyond numbers and contribute towards strategic decisions of organizations.

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