Customised Training

We offer customised corporate training programs based on your organisational requirements to facilitate employee skill development and improve productivity.

Customised Training Programs We Offer

  • Business Performance Evaluation

    This course enhances your business performance evaluation and MIS skills. This training covers key MIS analysis and business decision making techniques.

  • Business Planning and Budgeting

    This course provides knowledge on how to develop a medium-term business plan for your organization and formulate budgets. The program covers various tools and techniques which could be used for planning and budgeting purposes.

  • Business Strategy Development

    This training offers expertise in developing a business strategy for your new or existing business venture. The course covers a wide range of areas such as macro analysis, industry analysis, financial and resource planning, and risk assessment.

  • Financial Modelling

    Training on how to create specific financial models required for your business needs and also covers forecasting techniques and best practices to follow to build and maintain robust financial models.

  • Financial Statement Analysis

    This course provides comprehensive training on how to evaluate the performance of your business using your financial statements. The training covers real-world examples of corporate failures and discusses techniques to identify potential red flags proactively using various techniques.

  • IFRS Training

    We provide a comprehensive IFRS training workshop covering all the relevant standards. In addition, we also provide specific courses on individual standards and training on implementing changes in accounting standards to cater to business requirements.

    Courses offered: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, IFRS 16 Leases, IFRS 15 Revenue, IAS 19 Employee Benefits, IAS 36 Impairment of NCAs, and more.

  • Investment Valuations

    The course provides comprehensive knowledge on evaluating different investment options available in the market and provides useful insights on how to make optimal investment decisions.

  • M&A Evaluation

    This training offers expertise to evaluate M&A opportunities and key insights to implement successful M&A strategies. The program includes historical case studies and learnings to understand key factors that determine the success and failure of M&A deals.

  • Risk Management

    This training provides training on identifying, evaluating and managing the key risks associated with your business.

  • Tailored Programs

    Don’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We provide customised programs based on your organisation’s specific requirements.

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