Impairment Review of Non-current Assets

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Impairment Review of Non-current Assets

clock20 Oct 2021 | 11:30 AM

The Free Webinar which took place on the 27th of February 2021 (Saturday) was aimed at providing great insights into the impairment of non-current assets to Finance Professionals. 

The program is eligible for 2 qualifying CPD hours from ACCA.

Impairment is where the recoverable amount of non-current assets is lower than the carrying value. This would mean that asset values in the balance sheet are overstated and no longer recoverable. IAS 36 Impairment of Non-current Assets provides detailed guidance on conducing an impairment review of non-current assets.

Lockdowns and negative economic consequences arising from COVID-19 are indications of impairment for most organizations, which trigger the need for an impairment review.

Key Focus Areas of the webinar

  • 2 hours of in-depth discussion on IAS 36 impairment testing
  • COVID-19 implications on impairment testing
  • Analytical impact arising from impairment of non-current assets
  • US GAAP Vs IFRS differences in impairment review
  • Question and Answer Session

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