Sivaraj Murugiah

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Sivaraj Murugiah

clock20 Oct 2021 | 06:36 AM

‘This workshop was enriching and insightful. Real value for money. Therefore, I thought to make a comment as it will greatly help the potential learners who look for a right door to knock. Also, more importantly trainer is well deserved for an appreciation for the following key reasons.

  • Presentations were crystal clear.
  • Comprehensive slide notes with appropriate visual images.
  • Shared the materials well in advance.
  • Real business case examples.
  • Good illustrations.
  • Contents were easier to follow.
  • Delivered more than what was initially promised.
  • Shared session’s recordings, which will assist participants to study offline according to their own convenience.
  • Well defined answers for raised questions.
  • Highly committed and passion to share expert knowledge.
  • Good presenter, teacher, mentor, and coach.

Thank you very much for your incredible workshop and look forward to enrolling for a similar program in the near future. What is more, I will strongly recommend anyone who would like to become an expert in IFRS to contact Universal Mind Mapper. Wishing you all the very best’

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